DIN 261-1987 T-head bolts

DIN  261-1987 T-head bolts
德标DIN 261-1987 DIN261 261DIN T-head bolts

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Similar Standards
1 T形槽用螺栓 [GB]
GB 37-1988
Bolts For T-Slot
2 带螺纹T型销轴(T型台阶栓) [DIN]
DIN 1445-2011
Clevis Pins with Head and Threaded Portion
3 T型螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 787-2005
Bolts and Screws for T-slots
4 铁路车辆 带米制ISO螺纹的扁圆头锚脚螺钉 C级 [DIN]
DIN 25193-2003
Mushroom Head Anchor Screws With Metric ISO Thread - Class C
5 T型方颈螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 186-1988
T-head Bolts with Square Neck
6 T型带榫螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 188-1987
T-head Bolts With Double Nibs
7 大头T形头螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 7992-2007
T-head bolts with large head
8 T型带榫螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 188-2011
T-head Bolts With Double Nib
9 带螺纹T型销轴(T型台阶栓) [DIN]
DIN 1445-1977
Clevis pins with head and stud end
10 T型方颈螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 186-2010
T-head Bolts with Square Neck
11 T型带孔螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 261-2010
T-head bolts with hole
12 T型带榫螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 188-2007
T-head Bolts With Double Nibs
13 大头T形头螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 7992-2010
T-head bolts with large head
14 铁路车辆用T形头螺栓 [DIN]
DIN 25192-1978
T-head bolts (hammer head bolts) for railway vehicles
15 T型螺栓 [JIS]
JIS B 1166-1995
T-Slot bolts
16 T形头螺栓Table10 [ASME/ANSI]
ASME/ANSI B 18.5-2008
T- Head Bolts
17 夹头犁螺栓 [Table 5] [ASME/ANSI]
ASME/ANSI B 18.9-2012
Clipped Head Plow Bolts
18 英制T形头螺栓 [Table10] [ASME/ANSI]
ASME/ANSI B 18.5-2012
T-Head Bolts,(Inch Series)
19 T型带孔螺栓 [CNS]
CNS 4566-1981
T-Head Bolts With Holes
20 T型方颈螺栓 [CNS]
CNS 4567-1981
T-head Bolts With Square Neck
21 T型双趾螺栓 [CNS]
CNS 4568-1981
T-head Bolts With Double Nips
22 多齿T型螺栓 [YJT]
YJT 10736(A)
T-Slot Bolts with Tooth