Business Description

Dongguan Anxiang Intelligent Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd brings together a team of professionals specializing in the research, design, and manufacture of packaging machines capable of replacing imported equipment. Our product range serves industries including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, daily necessities, hardware, and toys, focusing on custom non-standard packaging machinery, fully automatic vertical packaging machines, and computer combination scale packaging equipment. Our products meet GMP certification requirements, are popular nationwide, and are exported to the United States, Libya, Sri Lanka, Russia, the Philippines, Japan, the Middle East, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian regions. With robust technical capabilities, advanced equipment, and comprehensive processes, we also provide end-to-end services including design, production, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and training of specialized packaging machinery tailored to customer materials.

Product Category / Services

  • Short Visual Counting Packing Machine

  • Visual Inspection Machine

  • Weighing Packing Machine

  • Low-drop Visual Counting Packing Machine

  • Visual Counting Packing Machine of Sealing Ring

  • PE film Packaging Machine