What are GlobalFastener web sites?

GlobalFastener offered two sites namely GlobalFastener China (www.164580.com) and GlobalFastener International(www.GlobalFastener.com), both of which are developed by Hangzhou Ekintong e-commerce Co., Ltd. The two sites combined aims to provide an e-commerce platform for Chinese Fastener Suppliers to do exporting trade.

GlobalFastener web sites are based on standardized English and Chinese Fastener products online database and a comprehensive Fastener industry information platform, providing Fastener industry news, business and trading information and integrated e-commerce services including promotion and Internet marketing. Meanwhile, GlobalFastener also publishes Fastener magazines and holds industrial trade shows and exhibitions as well as offers trading consultation and translation services. Besides, GlobalFastener has broad cooperation and partenership with domestic and foreign Fastener companies, search engine companies, industry websites, industry associations and Fastener products wholesale and retail markets. Integrating these networks, GlobalFastener is helping Fastener businesses broaden their promotional channels and increase their trading volume. GlobalFastener is the NO.1 choice for domestic suppliers to show their products and global buyers to search products.

Compared with other e-commerce websites, GlobalFastener features that: it owns a professional customer service team constituted by a large number of high-quality customer-service representatives. They provide our customers warm and considerate services such as help customers standardize their uploading data, receive online orders and give them trading consulting services and promote their products. With its integrated services, GlobalFastener will help all customers to make the web-displaying product information into full play and gain more profit.

Is there any difference between GlobalFastener and other e-commerce web sites?

1) The most detailed and professional specifications for Fastener products.

Currently, most online product directories are usually flawed by incomplete product specifications, disorganized descriptions, and lack of product pictures or low-quality photos. All these above make it difficult for buyers to find, compare and buy. In order to solve these problems, professionals and experts from GlobalFastener exhaust their energy and wisdom to build an on-line product warehouse which collects more than 10,000 product leads that are given complete specifications, standard descriptions and abundant high-quality photos. Apart from text and photos, multimedia documents are added to give products more detailed and navigational descriptions.

2) Integration of online and offline resources

GlobalFastener provides online products and services including online product directory, industry news, business and trade information, company e-shop, internet brand promotion and offline products and services such as GlobalFastener magazines and industrial trade shows and exhibitions. Besides, LED media and Fastener products promotion alliance will help businesses to better market their products.

3) The most human-based and customized services provided by professional customer service team.

GlobalFastener customer service team composed of a large number of high-quality customer service professionals provide warm and considerate services to our customers through the GlobalFastener platform such as help customers standardize their uploading data, receive online orders and give them trading consulting services and promote their products. With its integrated services, GlobalFastener will help all customers to make the web-displaying product information into full play and gain more profit.

Are we charged to access the GlobalFastener web sites?

No, it's absolutely free.

Internet is born for sharing resources. GlobalFastener platform is also designed to promote information share among businesses in Fastener industry. All the information from GlobalFastener, including buyers and suppliers contact details are opened to the public for free without registration.

How to find my interested products?

You can find your interested products by clicking the categories of product directory step by step. You can also use Search.

What is the difference between search by category and by keyword(s)?

All of the products on GlobalFastener.com are classified into 14 major categories, which are then further divided into sub-categories. You can browse the interested products by category.

You may also search by keywords and find more results from all categories. Please note that search in an individual category will lead to more accurate results. Keywords could be a product name.

How to do an effective search?

The following tips will help you to find the right business opportunities faster.

1) Only use the product key word without any adjunct word.

eg. You want to search "hex nuts". You can search the word nuts firstly, and then, narrow the scope in the first searching result, or contact the nuts manufacturers to ask whether they produce baseball cap or not. In this way, you can select what you want in a larger scope and there is more possibility to find the right product.

2) If you want to find more than one product type, we suggest that you do it separately.

eg. You may want to buy nuts and screw. If you put the two words "nuts & screw" together to search you will get some results. However, if you do two searches separately for "nuts" and "screw" you will get more results.

3) Related products key words may help you.

eg. When you search for standard products, you can put standard code like "Din 933" "Din 931" to search, which may increase the possibilities for you to find the right stuff.

4) Related categories.

eg. You may need to purchase some screw. In this case, we suggest that you do not only search in the category of "accessories" you may also search them in "screw" category which may help you find more related products.

While searching for any product, I get so many results. How can I choose the best result?

We cannot advise about any particular company and also cannot guarantee the credentials and quality of products offered by any company. But we recommend you to contact Chinese Fastener Suppliers firstly because their contact information and legal existence has been authenticated and verified By the third party inspection agency.

What shall I do, if there are no matching products that I want to find?

If you are unable to find matching products under "product catalogues" then please also try to find supplier's information related to your requirement under companies menu.

How to contact suppliers?

GlobalFastener.com is a B2B website, not a trading company or a manufacturer/buying office. We provide this business platform for global Fastener businesses to exchange business information with Chinese suppliers and we are not involved in transactions between our users. So our users need to search our website for the business information they need and contact each other directly for business issues, such as minimum order, price, shipment, etc.

If you are interested in the products on our site, please contact the supplier directly about the price and transaction details. You can leave message by clicking the "Contact Now". Or alternatively you can contact suppliers directly by email, telephone or fax according to the contact information they provided.

What can I do if I have paid a supplier but didn't receive the goods?

If you have encountered non-delivery of goods after payment, please Contact Us immediately. in your email, please provide the company name and email address of the company you are complaining about, as well as your business experience of trading with this company. Upon receiving your email, we will follow up accordingly.