Fastener Fair France

Event Date (s): 05/27/2020 - 05/28/2020
Venue: Paris Expo-Porte de Versaille

Fastener Fair France covers all aspects of the fastener and fixing industry. Unique of its kind in France, the exhibition provides great opportunities to build successful business relationships between manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, end-users and companies specialising in fastener manufacturing equipment and materials.

Who Exhibits?

Products and services from companies active in the following sectors are represented:

→ Industrial fasteners and fixings

→ Construction fixings

→ Assembly and installation systems

→ Fastener manufacturing technology

→ Storage, distribution, factory equipment

→ Information, communication and services

Who Visits?

Engineers, suppliers and specialists who source and trade fasteners and fixings to serve the following user sectors:

→ Construction 
→ Automotive 
→ Aerospace 
→ Marine 
→ Electronic and electrical goods 
→ General engineering - light / heavy 
→ HVAC / Air Conditioning / Services
→ Energy and power generation 
→ Communication technology 
→ Metal products 
→ Furniture manufacturing 
→ Sanitary ware and plumbing 
→ Installation