Korea Metal Week 展会已结束

Event Date (s): 10/24/2017 - 10/27/2017
Venue: KINTEX Center

Gist of Exhibition

 Korea Metal week leads the trends of the machinery industry

for Automotive, Shipbuilding and Electronic IT in recent years as well as metal materials, equipments, finished products processing. It’s aiming to bring in advanced metal technologies and equipment to meet the huge demand of Korea changing machinery market.

With recent increasing interest in Manufacturing Technology
industry, Korea Metal Week 2016 held ‘Fundamental Manufacturing Industry Korea’ and ‘Laser & Sheet Metal Processing Korea’ newly to deliver the more extensive and specialized metal processing industry technologies along with the changes in the manufacturing industry.

Show your great technologies, expand distribution channel
and strengthen business network through Korea Metal Week 2017. We hope you take this best opportunity by preoccupying your space in Korea Metal Week! Technical seminars and the programmed trade meetings are held during the exhibition days.

Korea Metal Week 2017

Korea Metal Week 2017

17th Fastener & Wire Korea
13th Die Casting & Foundry Korea
11th Automobile, Shipbuilding & Machine Parts Korea
17th Press & Forging Korea
18th Tube • Pipe Korea
4th 3D Technology Korea5th Metal Surface Treatment & Painting Korea
5th SAMPE Korea 2016 & KOREA Composite Show
3rd Aluminum Korea
2nd Laser & Welding Korea
1st Pump Techlology Industry Korea

Show Outline

Period October 24(Tue)~27(Fri), 2017: 4 days
- Opening hours: 10:00~17:00
- Build-up period: October 22(Sun)~23(Mon), 2 days
- Break down period: October 28(Sat), 1 day
Venue Hall 7.8, Exhibition Center 2 of KINTEX, S.Korea (22,580sq.m)
Organizer Korea Trade Fairs Ltd / Korea Federation of Fasteners Industry Cooperatives
Concurrent Shows Korea Metal Week, Korea Composite Show, KOFAS, Tool Tech
Sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Gyeonggi Province / Small and Medium Business Administration / Korea Industrial Complex Corporation/ 3D Convergence Technology Center / 3D Printing Research Organization / Bucheon CCI / Korea Diecast Industry Cooperative / Korea Forging Cooperative / Korea Foundry Cooperative Association / Korea Foundry Society / Korea Magnesium Technology Research Association / SKKU RIS / The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials / The Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute / The Korean Society For Technology of Pasticity

Exhibits' Profile


 17th Fastener & Wire Korea

Bolt/Nut Equipment & Manufacturing : Forming Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Tapping Machine, Rolling Machine, Cutting Machine, Parts Feeder
Bolt/Nut Products : Bolt/Nut, Rivet, Stud, Nusert, Anchor, Fastening Assembly, Tools, Lubricating Oil, Processing Oil, Rust Preventive Oil
Wire Production & Manufacturing : Wire Rod, Welding Rod, Coil & Other Wire Rod, Special Wire, Wire Drawing Machine, Cutting Tool, Compressor, Rope Making Machine, Ingot

13th Die Casting & Foundry Korea

Die Casting Machinery and Plants
Ancillary Equipment to Machinery
Die Casting Product / Mold / Dies & Factory Automation
Materials/Tools & Finishing
Precision Casting Product
Foundry : Aviation/Shipping/Military Casting, Foundry Production for Vehicles, Precision Foundry, Low Pressure Foundry, Raw Casting Materials, Aluminum Gravity Casting, Production, Machinery
Furnace & Thermal Process : Heat Treatment Furnace, Forging Furnace, Vacuum Furnace, Melting Furnace, Heat Treatment Machinery, Heat Treatment & Other Materials

11th Automobile, Shipbuilding & Machine Parts Korea

Steel Components & Materials
Mold Manufacturing
Machine Tools & FA
Automobile, Shipbuilding Machine, Aviation Parts
Testing & Measuring Equipment
Cable Manufacturing

17th Press & Forging Korea

Hot, Cold Forging Part & Manufacturing : Forging Parts for Power Plant, Cold & Hot Forging for Vehicles, Cold & Hot Forging Product for Aviation & Shipping, Rolling Materials, Rolling Machinery, Other Materials
Press Machine : Hydraulic Press, High speed Press, Servo Press, Mechanical Press, Transfer Press, Press/Hammer Forging Machinery


 18th Tube • Pipe Korea

Tube • Pipe : Pipe•Tube Manufacturing Machinery, Steel Pipe Tube, Titanium Tube, Carbon Tube, Copper tube, Seamless & Welding Pipe, P.V.C conduit, Valves, Fitting, Process Technology Tools and Auxiliaries, Raw Materials & Accessories, Welding Tools

5th Metal Surface Treatment & Painting Korea
Surface Treatment Technology : Plating, Coating, Painting
Surface Treatment Machinery/Equipment/Tools
Surface Treatment/Modification Chemicals
Surface Measurement/Treatment/Modification Equipment
Environmental Equipment : Filter, Waste-water processor, Discharge, Cleaning
New-Technology for Surface Treatment Nano-technology, WPM, Micro-packaging

4th 3D Technology Korea

3D Printer
Prototype Manufacturing
NDT(Non Destructive Testing)
Related Materials
3D Imaging/Scanning
3D Measuring Machine
3D Bioprinting

5th SAMPE Korea 2016 & KOREA Composite Show

Raw materials & Chemicals : Resins, Additives/Adhesives/Polyurethane(PU) form, Prepregs, Bio Materials, IT Materials, etc
Carbon Composites : Carbon fiber, Adhesives/Polyurethane(PU) foam, Prepregs, Bio Materials, IT, Materials, etc
Reinforced Fibers : Glass, Kevlar, Natural, Aramid, Ceramic, Technical textile, etc
Reinforcements : Nano-reinforcements, Aluminium Composite panel, etc
Processor, Fabricator, Equipment & Technology

3rd Aluminum Korea

Aluminum Raw Material/Metal Products, Semi-finished Products : Ingot, Plate, Bar Round Blanks, Perforated Sheets, Profile
Aluminum Products & Application : Automobile, Aviation, Building & Construction, Materials
Aluminum Plants & Equipments : Aluminum Extraction, Procession and Refining

2nd Laser & Welding Korea

Laser : Cutting, Processing, Laser Welding, Surface Treatment Equipment , Materials
Welding : M/C Equipment, Materials, Automation, Environmental Equipment & Protective Gear
Sheet Metal Processing :M/C, Processing Equipment, Post-Treat Equipment, Finished (Semi-) Products, Materials

1st Pump Techlology Industry Korea

Booster pump : Booster pump system, Stainless pump, Centrifugal pump, Inverter booster pump, Vertical multistage pump, Horizontal multistage pump, Horizontal booster pump, CMI pump
Underwater pump : Grinder pump, Submerged aerator, Submerged motor pump, Circulating pump, Removable submersible pump, Sewage package system, Submersible motor pump, Vertical sump pump...
Vacuum pump :Watering vacuum pump, Dry-running rotary vane pump, Oil flooded rotary vane pump, Oil circulated injected rotary pump, Turbo molecular pump, Rotary piston pump, Rotary gear pump, Liquid ring pump
Industrial pump :Single suction volute pump, Multi-stage volute pump, Multi-stage turbine pump, Endure acidity pump, In-line pump, Westco pump, Oil circulated injected rotary pump, Vortex pump, fire engine pump, Mono pump
Hydraulic pump :Diaphragm pump, Smoothy metering pump, Plunger metering pump, Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, Solenoid metering pumps, Drum pump, Magnet pump, Automatic control system
Pump Relevant :Mechanical seal, Electric motor, Power train system, Valve, Pressure tank, inverter, Measuring instrument


Korea Trade Fairs Ltd. has managed expert trade fairs periodically since 1988. At present, we are the host of trade fairs like Korea Metal Week (Fastener & Wire Korea, Die casting & Foundry Korea, Automobile & Machine parts Korea, Press & Forging Korea, Tube & Pipe Korea, Metal Surface Treatment & Painting Korea, 3D Printing Technology Korea) and Korea Composite Show. Also organize public shows like Korea Study Abroad & Language Fair and Korea Emigration & Investment Fair. In Dalian, Guangzhou and Beijing, China, we manages Korean pavilion for SHIPTEC China, Asiametal/Asiamold and CM(China Maritime). For NEVA in St. Petersburg in Russia, also organize Korean pavilion.

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