Business Description

Jiashan Kale Locomotive Parts Co. Ltd., in collaboration with washers, has gained trust and approval from various main engine plants and bearing factories. We prioritize quality for survival and development, recognizing it as the foundation for sustainable business operations! We accept small orders and manufacture unconventional products (such as inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness, surface finish, processed to customer specifications). We also undertake ODM projects commissioned by original manufacturers and provide OEM manufacturing services.

Our washers can be manufactured with thicknesses as thin as 0.1mm and sizes up to one meter in diameter. With 28 different thickness configurations available, we are among the few suppliers capable of customizing special, ultra-thin, ultra-wide, and non-standard series products! Our products emphasize precision, ultra-thin, super-flat, and specialty qualities, and we specialize in customizing stainless steel washers according to customer drawings and requirements.

Utilizing imported precision stainless steel as raw materials and employing professional precision machining equipment, our products are processed without burrs or sharp edges on the edges, ensuring maximum dimensional accuracy and minimizing the risk of cuts during assembly and debugging. This enhances safety during assembly and adjustment processes.

Our washers find wide application in precision mechanical adjustments, four-wheel alignment, precise positioning, accurate centering, shaft alignment, concentric correction, shock absorption, and bearing adjustment clearances.

Product Category / Services

  • Washers

    Plain washers Thin washers Circular washers
  • Pins

    Clevis pins Coiled spring-type pins Slotted spring-type pins
  • Stamping Components

    Non-standard cutomized Collaborating components Precision components