The 19th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou

Event Date (s): 10/23/2019 - 10/25/2019
Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center

  Highlights of the Show:

  Highlight 1: Large Scale

  12,000 sqm exhibition area at 2 exhibition halls, expected 400 exhibitors & 12,000 professional visitors

  Highlight 2: International

  50% of the exhibitors are export-oriented companies, visitors cover over 30 countries and regions

  Highlight 3: One-stop Platform for Purchasing

  Full range of exhibits, including fasteners, equipment, molds & tools, surface treatment and raw materials, will be found onsite

  Show Name: The 19th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou

  Show Date: October 23 (Wed) -25 (Fri), 2019

  Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center

  Address: Expo Plaza, Xiandai Ave., Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

  Organizer: China Fastener Info (,

  Supporting Organizations:

  People's Government of Suzhou City

  National Fastener Standardization Technical Committee

  China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Standard Parts

  Jiangsu Chamber of Hardware and Chamber of Commerce

  Zhejiang Association of Automobile Manufacturers

  Shanghai Automotive Trade Association

  Nanjing Association of Automobile Manufacturers

  Ningbo Household Electrical Appliances Trade Association

  Ningbo Electronics Industry Association

  Ningbo Autoparts Industry Association

  Cixi Auto & Motor Parts Industry Association

  Wenzhou Ouhai Auto & Motor Parts Industry Association

  Ruian Auto & Motor Parts Association

  Zhejiang Fasteners Industry Association

  Jiangsu Fastener Industry Association

  Jiaxing Association of Fasteners Imp. & Exp. Companies

  Jiashan Fastener Industry Association

  Ningbo Zhenhai Fastener Industry Association

  Pinghu Fastener Industry Association

  Hangzhou Fastener Industry Chamber of Commerce

  Xinghua Dainan Fastener Industry Association

  Shenzhen Fastener Industry Association

  Chongqing Fastener Industry Association

  Anhui Fastener Industry Association

  Shanghai Fasteners & Welding Consumables Research Institute

  Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council

  Guangdong Fastener Industry Association

  Yongnian Fasteners Association

  Wenzhou Fastener Industry Association

  Wenzhou Ouhai Fastener Association

  Hebei Linxi Bearing Industrial Zone, etc.

  Supporting Media:

  Fastener Technology International - USA

  Global Fastener - USA

  Fasteners Adhesives, Tools, and … - Russia

  The Kinzoku Sangyo Simbunsha Press - Japan

  The Fastening Journal - Japan - India - India

  Fastener EurAsia - Turkey

  Fastener – Poland

  Fastenerdata – UK

  Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine - Taiwan

  Fastener 007 – Taiwan

  Fastener World – Taiwan

  Pioneer - Taiwan

  CENS - Taiwan

  Visitors: 12,000 (expected)  Exhibitors: Over 400 (expected)

  Fabulous Event

  --As a large international fastener specialized exhibition, the 19th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou will connect the upstream and downstream of fastener manufacturing industry. Focusing on end users and building a global fastener trade platform are the highlights of the show.

  --The 17th Fastener Trade Show Suzhou, successfully held during 26-28 October 2017, was highly praised by exhibitors and visitors for its popularity and professionalism. According to the statistics, visitors from 40 countries and regions attended the 2017 show, covering Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, and even South American countries of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia.

  --Suzhou, one of the central cities in Yangtze River Delta, is only 80 km away from Shanghai, and less than 200 km away from Jiaxing, Wuxi, Ningbo, Hangzhou and the like fastener manufacturing cities. Thus the show not only can help you easily connect with most of the fastener manufacturers in China, but also can provide you a good chance to visit their factories, saving your time, money and energy, the most effective way to do your business.

  Exhibit Products


  Bolts, studs, nuts, screws, washers, wood screws, tapping screws, pins, rivets, retaining rings, assembly parts & connections, weld screws, and non-standard fasteners


  Molding equipment: Cold headers, cold extrusion machines, heading machines, nail-making machines, etc.

  Thread forming machines: Thread rolling machines, screw rolling machines, threading machines, etc.

  Heat-treating facilities: Industrial furnaces, hardening and tempering lines, high-intermediate-frequency induction heating equipment, material annealing furnaces, etc.

  Surface treating equipment: Phosphating lines, oxidation oxidating lines, galvanizing lines, Dacromet coating lines, etc.

  Auxiliary equipment: Grinding machines, slotters, vibrating disks, marking machines, etc

  Testing equipment and devices: Hardmeters, tension and compression testers, monitoring systems for metal processing, automatic inspection machines, coating inspectors, microscopes, optical spectrum analyzers, torque meters, axial force meters, magnetic particle detectors, salt spray testers, etc.

  Pre-processing equipment: Wire drawing machines


  Bolt molds: Stock-cutting molds, upper molds (passing punch molds, precise punch dies, cut-off dies, etc.), lower dies (cold heading female dies, reducing dies, thimbles, etc.)

  Nut molds: Stock-cutting molds, punch pins, punching dies, forming female dies, thimbles, etc.

  Thread forming tools: Thread rolling cylindrical dies, flat dies, screw taps, etc.

  Surface Treatment

  Surface Treatment Technology: Plating, brunofixing, heat treating, hot dipping galvanizing, phosphating, mechanical galvanizing, dacromet coating

  Auxiliary materials: Brighteners, cleaning agents, rust inhibitors, degreasers

  Raw Materials

  Medium carbon steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel alloy (including wires, rods, plates, tubes and pipes, etc.)

  Building Hardware

  Building hardware, wire mesh, nails, pipe fittings and malleable iron, etc.

  Hardware Tools

  Hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, auto maintenance tools, garden tools, abrasives, cutting tools, safety products, related accessories & equipment, etc.

  Automotive Fasteners

  High strength bolts for engine, wheel hub/ wheel bolts & nuts, welding bolts and nuts, chassis fasteners, cold forged parts for seat, fasteners for interior decoration, fasteners for car body.

  Visitor Analysis

  End-users from auto, electronics & electrical appliance, construction, machinery, hardware and other industries; domestic fastener manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, importers & exporters, buyers from representative offices in China and all over the world, media, associations and organizations.

  How to access the venue?

  Suzhou International Expo Center (Expo Plaza, Xiandai Ave., Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China)

  By Metro:

  Take Line 1 by metro and stop at Culture & Expo Center

  By Car:

  Shanghai->Expo Center (81.9 km)

  Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (56 km)->Suzhou Industrial Park Exit->Xiandai Ave.(11 km)->Expo Center

  Nanjing->Wuxi->Expo Center (222 km)

  Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway (198 km)->Suzhou S227 Exit->S227 (1.4 km)->Shang Gao Rd.(360 m)->Dong Huan Rd. (1.9 km)->Xiandai Ave. (5.5 km)->Expo Center

  Hangzhou->Jiaxing->Expo Center (161 km)

  Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway (66.4 km)->Zha-Jia-Su Expressway (25.8 km)->Su-Jia-Hang Expressway (48.0 km)->Suzhou South Interchange Exit->Dong Huan Rd. Gaojia (4.1 km)->Xiandai Ave., (5.5 km)->Expo Center

  By Taxi:

  Just ask the driver to take you to:

  By Air:

  A.From Shanghai Pudong International Airport: Take the Long-distance Coach to Suzhou International Expo Center (about 2.5 hours). Or take the railway Line 2 to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (about 105 minutes), then take the “Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway” to Suzhou Station (about 30 minutes), and finally take a taxi to Suzhou International Expo Center (about 20 minutes).

  B.From Hongqiao Airport: Take the “Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway” to Suzhou Station (about 30 minutes), and finally take a taxi to Suzhou International Expo Center (about 20 minutes).

  By Train:

  1) Suzhou Railway Station->Expo Center (by taxi, 12 km)

  2) Shanghai Railway Station->Suzhou Railway Station (84 km)->Expo Center

  (by high-speed railway, 35 minutes; by train 1-2 hours)

  3) "Shanghai West Railway Station->Suzhou Industrial Park" Shanghai-Nanjing High Speed Railway->Expo Center (by taxi)

  By Bus: No. K2, 219, 28, 2, 47, 812, 100, 206, 108, 106, 129, 158, 156, 138, 120, 258, etc.

  Welcome to visit! Please bring your business cards onsite.

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