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Major IPC Fasteners, Precision Machining and Die Cutting Services Gains Worldwide Attention
Pubdate:2017-12-06   Source:SNJ Today  

The company has received more orders in the past 12 months than in previous years. MAJOR-IPC has established and maintained a leadership position in the field of fabricated parts since 1977.

A New York company that provides Fasteners, Precision Machining and Die Cutting Services has become a leader in their field. Major IPC, with over 30 years of experience provide a spectrum of exemplary products including stamped, die-cut, and machined parts, automatic screw machine parts, and assembled components.

Major IPC, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of threaded fasteners, and a multi-service provider offering services such as precision CNC machining, die cutting, and plastic stamping. Their portfolio of products and services has made them the go-to firm for a variety of services under a single roof. The company who has become one of the most recommended suppliers boast unmatched expertise in manufacturing robust yet lightweight plastic threaded rods and other fasteners.


The company provide stamped, die-cut, precision machined parts, automatic screw machine parts and assembled components from the simplest to the most sophisticated manufacturing standards. Their capabilities include:


Milling and Drilling

Lathe-turning and Boring

Tapping and Threading

Sawing and Shearing



Screw Machining

All secondary operations are accomplished in-house.



With Major IPC expansion, it has allowed them to enhance their previous service capabilities. Production planning for custom orders is available in-house, to save customers time and money. By strategically locating their stamping, die-cutting, machining and assembly capabilities under a single roof, Major IPC eliminate excess materials handling and decrease order turn-around time. Each operation is an integral part of the manufacturing process and is centrally controlled for consistency, accuracy and efficient work flow.


The leading supplier of plastics fasteners has instituted a comprehensive quality control system that assures checks on work in progress, job standards evaluation and compliance, and a final preshipment inspection by trained, qualified inspectors using recognized standards of excellence. Each job is guaranteed to meet customers critical requirements of fit, finish and quality.


MAJOR-IPC continue to explore new manufacturing approaches to make sure that customers stay at the leading edge of technology and materials applications. The company is available to handle orders, specialty requests and provide prompt quotations from specifications and drawings.


The New York company put their customers first where they provide a second to none customer service experience and where all savings are passed on to the customer to make products and services even more affordable.


For more information on MAJOR-IPC, please visit http://majoripc.com

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