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Frame plug anchor for concrete and masonry
Pubdate:2017-12-03   Source:Fastener + Fixing  

Klimas Wkret-met’s frame plug, KPS-FAST 8 with flanged hex head screw, is an anchor for multiple use in concrete and masonry for non-structural applications and can provide push-through installation for various elements such as blinds, sunshades, kitchen units, shelves, brackets, and lighting fixtures.

KPS-FAST 8 can be used in a variety of different substrates including concrete, solid clay brick, perforated clay brick, as well as autoclaved aerated concrete. The frame plug fixing is equipped with TX drive, which ensures optimum transfer of torque. An SW-10 hex head allows the tightening of the screw with given force (e.g with torque wrench). Reduced thread provides precision of installation of the screw and increased expansion force in the second expansion zone.

The product is characterised by high technical parameters – for example it offers characteristic resistance for use in concrete pull-out failure of 4.5kN (for concrete C16 / C20), and a characteristic bending resistance of 14Nm in concrete. The sleeve is also produced using the highest quality nylon. 

KPS-FAST 8 is available with three types of screw: Zinc plated screw (KPS-FAST 8 K), A4 steel screw (KPS-FAST 8 K A4 – produced to order) and hot-dip galvanised screw (KPS-FAST 8 K OO – produced to order). 

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