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TFI Expands Inventory
Pubdate:2017-12-02   Source:Globalfastenernews  

Mobile, Ala. – Threaded Fasteners Inc. (TFI), an employee owned business specializing in the manufacturing, custom packaging and distribution of fasteners, recently acquired the vast inventory of a Mississippi-based fastener firm — some 111 pallets of materials totaling more than a million parts – which is immediately available for its customers across North America.  

The stock, purchased from an out-of-state business shifting its focus, included more than 5,000 different types of parts, all transported to Threaded Fasteners National Headquarters in Crichton, Alabama.

“All of our other locations now have access to the extra inventory,” said Jerrad Douberly, Vice President for Commercial Sales at Threaded Fasteners. “It’s ready to be distributed across the country as soon as our customers need it.”

Threaded Fasteners Inc. maintains more than 42 million individual parts in stock to meet the global needs of its clients.

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